Sights and Sounds at the Heritage Village & Mystery Box Challenge

For week 4 of Garden of Fire, partnering artists and educators present two virtual programs!

Sights and Sounds at the Heritage Village

Pat Monahan, Education/Events Coordinator

The Heritage Village of the Southern Finger Lakes is thrilled to provide a virtual experience of their historical site. Join Pat Monahan to explore the village with an eye on history using your senses of sight and hearing. See the Patterson Inn and compare a bedroom from long ago to your own bedroom. Learn about cooking food over a hearth with Mary Franklin, and discover how people kept rodents out of their kitchen in the 1700s. Then, visit with blacksmith Leon Golder in the Cooley Blacksmith Shop to learn how metal is shaped and forged in a fire.

Heritage Village Seek and Find Game: See if you can spot Ben Patterson’s pack and canteen in one of the spaces you visit virtually. It is just like Where’s Waldo.

Bonus: At the end of the video, Pat will tell you how to receive a free gift when you visit the Heritage Village in person.

Mystery Box: Turn Your Curiosity into Creativity

Gwen Quigley, Visual Artist
Tony Moretti, Visual Artist

Artists Gwen Quigley and Tony Moretti present a Mystery Box art project. The box contains all the elements to make a magical destination, and all it needs is you and your creativity for the materials to be transformed into an imagined world. 

But wait! Before you open your box to see what’s packed inside, take this challenge. Carefully, with your eyes closed or blindfolded, remove each item from your mystery box and use your senses, except your sense of sight to guess what each item is.

Close your eyes again for a minute and let yourself imagine. If you could go anywhere with your physical body, and if you could bring all your senses to explore, where would you like to go? Using the materials in the box, and the box itself, create your magical destination diorama. Then go exploring in the woods, in a garden or in your backyard to find new materials to add to your diorama scene. Can you find all the colors of the rainbow in nature? You can continue to add elements from nature to your special creation over time.

If you did not receive a Mystery Box, create your own box with art supplies and natural materials to complete this project. You can use a shoe box, shipping box or scraps of cardboard. Be creative and have fun!

When you’re done, please take a moment to fill out this survey to let us know how you did. Take Survey >>

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